Goddess Healing School - Energy Healing Who's Time Has Arrived

The Goddess Healing School is dedicated to teaching ancient sacred rituals which are derived from the concepts of the Feminine Divine.  It is also influenced by the Art of Tantra.

It differs from many popular Tantric teachings which advocate sexual touch.  This school takes the view that the Goddess heals through her powerful energy.  Sex acts have no place in this higher realm.
It is the only school on the East Coast that offers a program designed specifically to prepare you to enter the profession of Goddess Healing.It is also the only training program to prepare you for a personal journey to female energy empowerment.  Harnessing this power can change every aspect of your life.  You will begin to have clarity in all of your decisions and actions in both your personal and professional life.  Your relationship standards will rise.  For most women this is an untapped resource that is your birthright.  This program supports you as you go deep within and reclaim what has always been intended for your journey here on earth.

The Goddess Healing School utilizes both reading materials and guided experiential practices including breathing techniques, visualization, and a supervised internship.
All courses are on an individual basis providing the student with support, guidance, and flexibility with course scheduling.
The Purpose of Goddess Healing
 Goddess Healing stems from the power of the Feminine Divine. It is designed to open all the energy centers of the body, know as Chakras. It is a form of Energy Work.
A Goddess Healing Session, when provided by an individual who is a grounded healer, is designed to activate the ability of the body to heal itself from the effects of chronic and everyday stress. It may provide a person with the feelings of serenity and oneness with the world around him or her. The act of giving and receiving the energy of the goddess can leave the receiver in a very vulnerable state. Because of the trust and openness that a session requires, it is very important that the healer is someone that the receiver absolutely trusts and is comfortable with.

Goddess Healing is both an art form and a therapeutic discipline. The curriculum is designed as much for personal growth as for becoming a practitioner.  For example, you will learn self-forgiveness as well as gaining an increase in personal empowerment. It is only by going inward that you can give your full attention and compassion to others. 

The need for a spiritual path to healing has never been so great.  The willingness of the general public to embrace the various forms of Energy Healing is palpable.  Whether you goal is for self-discovery or a career move, you can be a part of the evolution of this astounding movement through the training provided by this school. 
     About The Instructor
Elaine Miles is a gifted Goddess Healing Practitioner and Intimacy Coach.  Her intuitive gifts and her many skills and life experiences have been the basis for her successful practice which she began in 2006. She left her previous conventional careers in 2005 so that she might pursue a higher calling.
 Elaine's spiritual journey began as a child, when she hungered to find the sacred in everything.  In her mid-twenties she delved into professional belly dancer, one expression of the feminine divine. After years of informal spiritual studies, and then formal training as an esthetician (where she learned massage techniques), she was led by the Universe to her destiny as a Goddess Healer. Her massage therapy sessions began to take on a cosmic energy.  She became aware of the ancient teachings of Tantra only to discover that she was already embodying many of them and translating them for her clients the simplest form-soft and heart felt touch and compassion.  Her  Sacred Healing Goddess Ritual  incorporates the basic tenets of mindfulness and the transmutation of the energy fields of an individual's ethereal body (aura).

She has gained a solid reputation in the healing community where she is also known as Goddess Maya and Tantrica Maya.  Initially she categorized her sessions as tantra ones.  She was later to discover that this caused many misunderstandings among both men and women. It was after much frustration that she coined the term Goddess Healing to capture the essence of her sessions. Goddess Healing is not focused upon sex energy center.  It is inclusive of all of the chakras.
Known for her talents as an educator, entertainer, spiritualist, body worker,therapist, and entrepreneur, Elaine is a caring, creative, and a passionate instructor and coach  .Her  Master's degree is in Training and Organizational Development.  She is a Certified Elementary School Teacher and also a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT). She worked in these professions from 1986-2005.
Ms. Miles is self-employed via her combination of Goddess Healing and Intimacy Coaching, as well as utilizing her expertise as a Licensed Esthetican.  These offerings and services are featured on her websites: www.The Keys4Life.com, www.TantricBeginnings.com, and wwwSpa4You.us.

"I was once a very timid person who suffered from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. I was co-dependent and in an abusive marriage.  Although I worked with a psychotherapist it was not until I listened, trusted, and made choices to change my circumstances that I began to come to a place of grace.  That is what I wish for you.  That is why I started this program."
(The divine in me salutes the divine in you)


"Through the Goddess, we can discover our strength, enlighten our minds, own our bodies, and celebrate our emotions." - Starhawk

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